56 Jobs Positions At Cape Gateway In South Africa June 2014



Cape Gateway is a single point of access to Government information and services for citizens of the Western Cape. It is a single point of access to government information, services and facilities for the citizens of the province.


For job vacancies in National Government or Provincial Administration, consult the Public Service Vacancy Circular.
Note: Jobs advertised in the circular are only open to public servants (at all levels of government) unless otherwise stated.
For job vacancies in Municipalities (Local Governments), consult newspapers in the area.


The jobs advertised here are only for positions in the Provincial Government of the Western Cape (PGWC). Please note that any job applications sent by fax or e-mail will not be accepted.

All job applications, including Z83 forms, CVs and certified documents, must be posted or delivered by hand to the address listed in each advertisement.

These posts include: Medical Specialist, Dentist, Medical Officer, Pharmacist, Clinical Psychologist, Speech Therapist and/or Audiologist, Dietician, Medical Orthotist & Prosthetist, Social Worker.

The Department of Health is advertising posts for Nursing Professionals in the Block Advert 2011/2012 bulletin.

Posts included are: Lecturers, Clinical Nurse Practitioners, Professional Nurses, Staff Nurses and Nursing Assistants.
Note: This is not a comprehensive list of all PGWC vacancies.

Neither does it include jobs in National and Local Government. It is a good idea to consult local newspapers for additional current vacancies.

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